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DDHC-LMP: Lost mines of Phandelver

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Kristiansand Folkebibliotek

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Elliot er en veteran DM med lang fartstid innen ulike versjoner og format. Han er kjent for å alltid være godt forberedt, rettferdig som DM, og kanskje mest av alt: Raus og inkluderende. Med sin engelskspråklige bakgrunn, kjører Elliot spillene sine naturligvis på engelsk, selv om han også mestrer norsk godt etter mange år i Norge. Velkommen til Elliot sitt bord, og en garantert fantastisk D&D opplevelse!

Elliot is a seasoned DM with years of experience on the various editions and campaign settings. He is recognized as being well prepared, a reasonable DM, but most of all inclusive and warmhearted. Comming from England, Elliot runs his tables in English, even though he is also proficient in Norwegian after many years living in Norway. You are very welcome to join, and have yourself a wonderful D&D evening!

En tanke om “Elliot

  1. Classic D&D 3.5 game set in the Greyhawk campaign 592 c.y.
    Core rules (open content): https://www.d20srd.org/index.htm

    «The GREYHAWK campaign depicts a magical land at the crossroads of countless possibilities, a place where powerful creatures contest with humanity and other races, where good folk struggle against evil, and Law wrestles with Chaos; a world of magic, mystery, and the imagination.
    The GREYHAWK campaign centers on the Flanaess, a multinational land emerging from a dark period of war. Its people face each new day with growing optimism, but evil lurks in shadowed caverns and decadent courts. The final outcome of this intrigue is ever in question, and new heroes must always be found to keep their realms from destruction.
    The gem of this world is the city of Greyhawk, a teeming metropolis that attracts heroes and villains alike. Warriors, merchants, wizards, beggars, clerics, sages, and thieves fill its streets in search of high adventure.»

    Book list (if you really need anything outside this list contact me)
    Player’s Handbook
    Player’s Handbook II
    Spell Compendium
    Arms and Equipment Guide
    Complete Adventurer, Arcane, Champion, Divine, Mage, Psionic, Scoundrel,Warrior
    Races of Destiny, Stone, Dragon, Wild
    Savage Species
    Dragon Magic
    Dungeonscape, Cityscape
    Drow of the Underdark
    Lords of Madness
    Weapons of Legacy
    Heroes of Horror, War
    Planar Handbook
    Expanded Psionics Handbook
    Parts of Unearthed Arcana

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